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NOTICE Another round of app refresh is ready and it will solely focus on supporting large number of photos and videos. FingerCam and StillMotionCam is in this update. We are pending App Store review and so please stay tuned.


Introducing a innovative unlock screen that protects your privacy. Typical 4-digit code offers 10,000 possible combinations. ProximityCam offers 4 x “number with movements” offers 2,560,000 possible combinations. ProximityCam will use Apple’s TouchID when available. This means only you can see and share your private photos and videos withOUT any inconvenience! View the app preview on the Apple AppStore.

ProximityCam is motion and distance activated camera app that uses the iPhone and iPad camera for detecting motion and sensing distance. The objective is to record videos or take photos automatically when a person or persons moves close to the camera. ProximityCam supports one of the three possible trigger conditions

1) A simple time delay – set me to delay for a couple of seconds and after that you have your photo and videos;ProximityCam motion and distance sensing camera app
2) Distance to the camera – this app just guess the distance the subject (a human head) is from the Apple device and when you are sufficiently close, images and videos will be captured;
3) Subject remains sufficiently still – when the subject (human head) has ceased moving, images and videos will be captured.


You may use ProximityCam motion and distance activated feature in a variety of ways such as record videos of people who come near your work desk when you are away at the washroom. Or use ProximityCam motion and distance sensing capabilities to snap photos of people at reception desk automatically as a form of a visitor records (Of course, please ensure that appropriate warnings will be displayed prominently).


So please download ProxityCam for spin. ProximityCam is advertisement free and risk free for you to try. It’s available for free. What are you waiting for? Best of all, it does not carry advertisements. So download now!!!


ProximityCam motion and distance sensing camera app

Risk Free to Try

All the basic functions are available but certain advance functions will require an in-app purchase. Well, the guy that makes ProximityCam needs to buy a couple of meals so that he can continue to work on making ProximityCam better, and there is always the juicy event of having the next greatest iOS and mobile devices from Apple Inc.
It is also our firm believe that users that uses ProximityCam will do the right thing and not use ProximityCam to contravene any law, regulations and most importantly of all privacy.

Example 1: Using Motion and Distance Activation

Some of you may be wondering what ProximityCam can do for you. Well let us share some very simple ideas. If you think someone is stealing money from your wallet or taking stuff from your desk or table, just set ProximityCam to trigger in “Proximity” mode. ProximityCam will snap pictures or record videos when anyone comes near and best of all ProximityCam will automatically stop recording when the person moves away. Just remember to sit your iPhone or iPad nicely on a docking station or iPhone/iPad stand.

Example 2: Using Motion and Distance Activation

You can also set ProximityCam in the “Head Still” mode to help you take pictures or record a video of anyone that remains sufficiently still and this can be at the reception desk or the security guard station.ProximityCam Motion and Distance Sensing Camera appProximityCam motion and distance sensing camera app

Example 3: Using Motion and Distance Activation

ProximityCam can also be dutifully deployed near the front door of your room to have a record of all people coming and out of your room. May be you think your mum is going through your stuff or worst its your sibling “borrowing” stuff from your room.

Example 4: Using Motion and Distance Activation

The “Head Still” mode can also be a very easy way to take a picture of yourself, just stand still and ProximityCam will start snapping away 🙂
ProximityCam, Distance and Motion Sensing