CandieCam, Ultimate Distance and Motion Activated App

CandieCam, Ultimate motion and distance activated family of apps

CandieCam Spy Hidden Camera Capturing Precision Candid Moments from ProximityCam family apps


Introducing a innovative unlock screen that protects your privacy. Typical 4-digit code offers 10,000 possible combinations. CandieCam offers 4 x “number with movements” offers 2,560,000 possible combinations. CandieCam will use Apple’s TouchID when available. This means only you can see and share your private photos and videos withOUT any inconvenience! View the app preview on the Apple AppStore.

CandieCam is candid camera app and the most advance member of the ProximityCam family of apps that embodies the most refined combination of distance and motion detection algorithms. These sensing algorithms detects a whole series of conditions and acts as triggers to record videos and take photos. CandieCam is carefully designed to prevent potential for misuse by requiring the presence of a human head. It will not work on pets. CandieCam has six categories of trigger conditions.

1) Self-timer – set to delay for a couple of seconds and after that you have your photo and videos;
2) Proximity – triggers when the subject (human head) is “close” to the iPhone or iPad;
3) Head Still – triggers when subject (human head) is “close” and not moving (remaining still);
4) Motion Active – triggers when subject (human head) is “close” and has moved after having remained still;
5) Screen Gesture – simple swipe across the screen;
6) Audio – tapping on the iPhone and iPad microphone will create a loud “pop” which will trigger video recording and photo taking. In addition, continuous talking can can trigger video recording. This will be very useful for video dictation.


CandieCam can operate as a hidden stealth camera and it is also suited as a candid camera. Human head must be visible to the camera in order to prevent abuses. In addition, enabling the preview would make it a suitable selfie camera. This app takes advantage of hardware acceleration so to make the performance as smooth as possible and as battery friendly as possible. We will continue to find ways to reduce the battery impact.

CandieCam is the most advance member of the ProximityCam family of apps that embodies the most refined combination of distance and motion detection algorithms. CandieCam has many sister apps such as MotionActive, StillMotion and FingerCam. Please try all these great apps and it’s free to try!

You may use this app in a variety of ways such as you want to record videos of people who come near your work desk when you are away at the washroom. Or you want to take a photo of people at reception desk automatically as a form of a visitor records (Of course, I assume that appropriate warnings will be displayed prominently). Just download this app and take it for a spin.

So how much does this app cost? It’s available for free. So download now! What are you waiting for? All the basic functions are available but certain functions will require an in-app purchase.

Please do not use this app to contravene any law, regulations and most importantly of all privacy.

Some of you may be wondering what this app can do for you. Well here are some very simple ideas. If you think someone is stealing money from your wallet or taking stuff from your desk or table, just set this app to trigger and record away. This app will snap pictures or record videos when anyone comes near and best of all, this app will automatically stop recording when the person moves away. Just remember to sit your device up nicely on a docking station or iPhone/iPad stand.

This app can also be dutifully deployed near the front door of your room to have a record of all people coming and out of your room. May be you think your mum is going through your stuff or worst its your sibling “borrowing” stuff from your room.
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NOTICE: This App requires Face Detection in video mode. iPhone 4S and below and iPad 1st generation are NOT supported. Please check the technical specification for your Apple device and look for Face Detection in video mode before purchase.