Policy version: 1.0.1
Applicable to Mobile Application version: 1.7 ONLY.
Last Updated: 17 July 2015

1. Introduction

This Data Practices Policy applies to the Mobile Application, “Proximity HandsfreeCam+” (“Mobile Application“)

SK Code & Design (“Company“, “Us“, “Our“, “We“) would like you to know the data practices of Mobile Application. It is very important for You the user to understand the data practices of Mobile Application. If you have any question, please contact the company (Please refer to the “How to contact Us” section below).

We reserve the right to modify this Data Practices Policy. We may update this Data Practices Policy to reflect changes to Mobile Application. To the extent permitted by applicable law, if We make any material changes we will notify You by means of a notice on Our web site (Web site URL: “”. Links from the main landing page “”) prior to the change(s) becoming effective. We encourage You to periodically review this page for the latest information on our Data Practices. We also encourage you to update Mobile Application to the latest available version.

This data practices policy discloses how Mobile Application manages user generated data, main categories of data types, storage and location of storage. Your continued use Mobile Application will be deemed as acceptance of the practices described in this policy.

We want You to understand the main categories of user generated data so that You can make informed choices on the security, privacy and data protection.

2. About Mobile Application.

Mobile Application is a application that runs on specific mobile devices (hereby “Mobile Device“, “Mobile Devices“) from Apple Inc. that are equipped with a front facing camera, iPhones, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPads and iPad mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad and iPad mini are registered trademarks of Apple Inc). The primary function of Mobile Application is to automatically capture video recording or image (in the form of a photograph) using three possible options as trigger mechanisms. The first trigger mechanism is a time delay before video or image is acquired. The second trigger mechanism is the human head is detected and remains sufficiently still. The third and last trigger mechanism is when the human head is sufficiently close to the mobile device from Apple. All these trigger mechanism can only function when there is sufficient illumination from natural and/or man-made light sources. The level of illumination required is determined by the make and model of the mobile device from Apple Inc. Without sufficient illumination, the Mobile Application will not function as stated. In addition, due to the lack of actual distance measuring instrumentation and sensors on the model devices from Apple Inc, the Mobile Application can only make a guess of the distance between the subject and the mobile device (from Apple Inc.).


3. Data Privacy

The Privacy Practices for Mobile Application is described in the Privacy Policy that can be accessed at this URL ““.


4. Information Managed by Mobile Application and Not Collected by Company


This section describes the main categories of user generated data that are managed by Mobile Application. We respect your privacy and We do not collect these data items.

4.1 Camera Stream, Images and Video Files

Mobile Application use the front and back facing camera to record the video stream and/or capture image (as photographs). The Mobile Application is designed to automatically start capturing videos and images when one of the three trigger conditions described in section 2 has been met. Images and video streams captured will stored as user created files on the mobile devices from Apple Inc. (hereby “User Data Files“) and these User Data FilesĀ  will contain timestampĀ  and various attributes of video recordings and images captured.

As the User Data Files may contain images that could identify You. User Data Files are stored locally on the Mobile Device and it is not stored externally.

You should note that backup files taken from Your Mobile Devices may contain User Data Files and it is Your responsibility to apply all necessary measures and best practices to protect Your information, such as but not limited to safe storage, encryption, digital hashing and password protected access.

You may deny the Mobile Application access to the camera on the Mobile Device using the “Restriction” option in the Apple iOS “Settings”.

At any time, you can also instruct Mobile Application to erase all existing data (User Data Files and all stored information) through the Mobile Application’s Settings page.

4.2 User Preferences and Application Settings

User Preferences and Application Specific Settings do not contain information that can be used to identify You. User Preferences and Application Settings do not contain digital images and User Data Files. User Preferences and Application Settings contain configuration information used to operate the Mobile Application such as but not limited to the user-selected interface options, user selected thresholds for the image and video capture trigger conditions, video recording duration, user configured flag to display context sensitive help messages, application states required for operation of Mobile Application.

User Preferences and Application Settings are stored locally and stored on Apple iCloud (Apple and iCloud are all registered trademarks of Apple Computer) Key-Value-Store facility.

You should note that backup files taken from Your mobile device may contain such information (User Preferences and Application Specific Settings) and it is Your responsibility to apply all necessary measures and best practices to protect Your information, such as but not limited to safe storage, encryption, digital hashing and password protected access.


5. User Managed Backup

At any time, You may create backup of data and application on your mobile devices. We would like to bring to Your attention that user generated data, especially User Data Files will be included in the Backup. We recommend that You take all necessary and appropriate measures and safeguards to protect your data and privacy. In addition, You should evaluate how backup are stored, managed, and secured.


6. Security

Mobile Application uses the available built-in security mechanism and safeguards of the mobile operating system and/or Mobile Devices.


7. How to contact Us

You may contact Us:

by calling Us at (six)6-five(5)- Nine(9)-Zero(0)-Two(2)-Six(6)-Eight(8)-Two(2)-Three(3)-Two(2), or
by emailing Us using the contact form at

If your questions, concerns and complaints have not been resolved to your satisfaction or if you have further questions, you can contact Us by mail: SK Code & Design, Block 543, Jelapang Road, Unit ten(10)-sixy six(66), Singapore 670543. Attention: Privacy Officer.